Sunday, June 27, 2010

Assignment #2

I'd like to do some exercises that focus on the mechanics of writing. This week, I'm thinking we'll focus a bit on structure. We all know that diary entries are easier than sonnets...but we like a challenge, yes?

Your prompt for today is to pick a story in your head...any story. Something that happened to you today, a story you heard on the news or that a friend told you, or a plain old fictional bit. Choose your story, and write it first in the way with which you are most comfortable.

Take your time...

Ok, done? Now you will rewrite the story in a different format. I would ask you to do two, preferably, and if you have the time. However, I know that writing every day is a challenge, even for ten minutes or so.

Rewrite your story in at least one of the following formats:
♣ a metered poem (with a specific rhythm. Stay away from free verse for now please!)
♣ a newspaper article
♣ from the perspective of an opposing viewpoint
♣ re-write it from a different genre - weepy romance,Indiana-Jones-Action, Oscar-winning-drama, children's book
♣ write it as a graphic novel (I'm considering this re-write to be overachieving, FYI. whoa nelly!)
♣ write it as a television sitcom
♣ as a scientific journal article
♣ as a descriptive encounter
♣ something else you had in mind?

Let me know if you have any questions - I am well aware that I can be a bit vague.

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