Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prompt #1

Let's start with something simple to loosen up the brain, yes?

Let's start with a free write - this means that you will set your timer for seven minutes. When you begin, you will begin responding to the prompt and keep writing until the seven minutes are up. If you can't think of anything else to write regarding the topic, write whatever else is on your mind - the point is to keep your pen moving.

For this one, I also recommend doing an extended free write - pick a thing or idea that you wrote in your first response, and use that as your prompt for the second. This can be a memory, a theme, a person...and let your brain take you where it will, and come up with associations that you didn't know existed. You may end up in strange places ;)

Prompt: Choose one of the following:

Write about a memory that is very close to your heart, or very important to you.


Write about the first thing you ever wanted to be when you grew up - what was your very first career of choice?

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