Friday, June 25, 2010

Prompt #3

My Mountain Sister* cheered me up today with a story from her work - a woman called her, interested in joining a climb up one of our many local mountains and volcanoes. She was, however, a tad worried about safety and wanted to ask some questions.

Safety Lady: Is the mountain very steep?

Mountain Sister: Well, it's about 30-45 degrees.

SL: Oh, I see. How steep is it on the way down?


We've all met people that just don't seem to be on the same wavelength, to put it rather benignly. Your writing suggestion tonight is to consider a day in the life of one such person. I suppose you could interpret this one of two ways: the sweet and empathic among you may write about how hard it is to be Safety Lady (or another) and any other intentions she really may have had; the more unruly of you may go crazy and push out some kind of satire. This is intended not so much to be a free write, as a "slice of life" write. You can be descriptive, go for a stream-of-consciousness thing, a diary entry, or go ahead and write a short story. Why not?

Oh, and I'm hoping you will post bits of these :)

*It's not a hippie thing, although she comes pretty close. She's my sister and she climbs mountains. Also she kicks butt!

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