Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prompt #8

Think over the conversations you've had today. They say that the people who indulge in substantial conversations are more likely to be happy than those who stick to smalltalk. Consider an intense discussion you indulged in, or a bit of smalltalk in which, perhaps, you held back something you would have really liked to say?

While I'm afraid, in this era of txtng n email lol that the art of conversation is quickly fading, I would like you to write a bit of dialogue for your prompt, preferably based on a real conversation. Theoretically, this could take one of two forms: either you write it as a dialogue in a text, meaning lots of quotation marks and avoiding the word "said," while you are able to provide lots of context, OR you can write it as a script or screenplay, in which you must attempt to capture personality and intention solely within the spoken words, without benefit of elaborate actions...other than [exit stage left].

Consider the difference...

SK: Are you working tomorrow, Love?
RD: Yessir. At 6am. And then I'm meeting up with some friends.
SK: Am I going too?
RD: If you'd like, you are most welcome to accompany me.

As opposed to...

The Swiss Knight was rubbing Rainy Daisy's feet thoughtfully when it occurred to him that they had not, as of yet, discussed their plans for the morrow.
"Are you working tomorrow, Love?" He inquired, gazing into her emerald eyes.
"Yes, sir. At 6 am. And then I'm meeting up with some friends." She sighed peacefully, sipping her wine. A momentary look of panic ran through the Swiss Knight's eyes.
"Am I going too?" He silently cursed those who stole his belov├Ęd from him.
"If you'd like, you are most welcome to accompany me." She stroked his hair and took him by the hand, laying a soft kiss upon his fingers.

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