Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Perspective on Criticism

To critique a piece of writing is to do the following:

 1) describe:   give the reader a sense of the writer's
                    overall purpose and meaning

 2) analyze:    show how it is put together by dividing it
                    into its main sections or aspects

 3) interpret:  define the significance (meaning and
                    importance) of each part

 4) assess:     make a judgement of the work's worth or value

From the Hunter College Reading and Writing Center. 
(Click for an outline of criticism for both fiction 
and non-fiction writing)

Your prompt today: write a bit about your experience 
with criticism, either giving or getting. What associations 
do you hold with criticism? Don't worry about how logical 
these associations are. Write down whatever comes to mind. 

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