Sunday, July 4, 2010

Assignment #3

The Almighty Triangle.

The "triangle-shaped" development of a paragraph is not only the most convincing, but fortunately, the most natural. With the exception of an introductory paragraph, which requires a bit more finesse, a solid paragraph begins with A) the point. What you want to convince people. A statement that may require a bit o' argument. B) backup facts. Reasons to believe whatever I tell you to believe. muahah. And C) a generalization. Narrow statement...grow grow grow...general statement. You see? 

A-like so: 
Marshmallows are the king of summer edibles. For one thing, they are good both raw and warm-gooey, on-the-go and hanging around a campfire, and very rarely go bad. They retain a bit of that childhood joy, back when sugar was another food group and every starry evening was a cause for celebration. Marshmallows are childhood eternal. 

Your assignment this week is to concoct a well-crafted paragraph. Sound simple? Because I'll be giving you smaller tasks throughout the week to examine said paragraph. ;) 
Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. "...and very rarely go bad" is an independent clause, and it requires its own subject to go with the verb.

    1. use a semicolon, or
    2. make it into its own sentence, or
    3. at the very least, add "they" so that it says, "they very rarely go bad."