Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prompt #13

Fill in the Blanks:

Topic sentence: 

Detail #1:

Detail #2:

Detail #3:


Does this sound too easy? Think about finding just the right words to make your point. Do some googling or thesaurusing if you have to, and make sure that your topic sentence covers exactly the point you're trying to make. Are calico cats the most vicious kind of cat or just the most cunning? Be aware of the connotations of your words, and try to see each sentence as someone else might...and a fairly dense "someone else" at that. It's not passing judgement; it's just a fact that your imaginary audience may need a few extra things spelled out. They're not a mindreader, you know...

Before calling it a day, be sure to read through, and perhaps read the sentences out loud, all together, to make sure that they are sequenced logically and fluently.

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