Friday, July 9, 2010

Prompt #16

More triangle exercises. I promise, next week will not be quite so tedious.

Step number one: Choose something that interests you, something that you feel passionate about. Choose one sentence that will encapsulate your entire perspective. This sentence will, essentially, be your prompt.

ex. Your living room is the ideal vacation destination.

Step number two: Begin writing. Give evidence.

It has a squishy couch and is decorated to your unique tastes."

Step number three: Keep writing. Explain your evidence, and link it back to your original point.

How often has the weary traveler sunk into foreign furniture only to realize that the smell, the colors, and the rigidity of the room are naught but expensive imprisonment. A living room can ultimately become the setting for any adventure, without the shame, indignity and sheer terror of wearing dinosaur jammies in the midst of someone else's distasteful d├ęcor.

Step number four: Keep writing. Elaborate on your point, and begin discussion the implications of this evidence.

When one is open to the idea of a living room vacation, millions of other possibilities begin to emerge. One is freed from the boundaries of the traditional caribbean drivel advertised on television, and more available to embrace the simple pleasures.

Step number five: Carefully polish it off - where does this perspective sit in the context of greater things?

So many simple pleasures are available for the taking - why wait until the money and vacation days are saved to allow your families to be herded to the same tourist traps that have long been more advertisement than monument? When you indulge in simple pleasures on a daily basis, there is no need to escape your "real life," because you will already be living the best parts of it.

hem. That was a very exaggerated example, but you get the idea. Onward, ye writers! Go forth and let thought and verbage rain down upon ye!

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