Sunday, September 5, 2010

Prompt #33

Jane Goodall was famous for working with chimpanzees, but specifically for documenting their use of twigs to pick up bugs and eat them, officially making chimps the only other animal, at the time, known to use tools.

As tempting as it is to make everything with your bare hands, what tools do you use on a daily basis, and what do they do for you? You may simply respond, or describe your use of tools, the most important tool, "tool" as a metaphor, or anything else your writerly mind dreams up.


  1. Man is a tool-using animal. Modern man is a POWERTOOL using animal.

    I have been camping - where you have to roll out of your warm sleeping bag, crawl into your chilled clothes, and bustle around getting a fire started. Then you have to wait in the chill morning while everyone else in camp plays possum, till the fire is up enough to do some good. Then you put a kettle on and wait till it heats. And THEN you can pour your first cup of tea. coffee, of course, takes longer. It isn't until the smell of coffee, and maybe bacon as well, is wafting on Aurora's breezes, that the other goldbricks and layabouts will begin to poke their heads out of their shells and show signs of life. "Oh, thank you for making the coffe," they may say, but do they ever drag their sorry asses out on your behalf? Not in this lifetime.

    My best friend and favorite tool is the microwave. I don't even have to open both eyes. In my bathrobe and slippers I can stick a cup of cold water and a teabag into the little box, push the buttons in sequence programmed into my unconscious mind, and 3 drowzy minutes later, I have a piping-hot cup of Liptons. All these modern conveniences like central heating, indoor plumbing, and electric lights are a blessing I thank God for on a regular basis. I have lived longer then 99% of the people in the history of the world, and if I had to go back to the "good old days" I would probably be glad to die in about two weeks. I am definitely a modern woman and glad of it. Hooray for tools!

  2. oh goodness, how you make me laugh. It's so true. Lucky, aren't we?